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Denver's Trusted Locksmiths Since 1987

As Denver's Leading Locks and Locksmiths Company, we see ourselves obligated to provide our community with superior customer service as well as the highest security standards. We strive for perfection in everything we do, thus you - our customer - can benefit from our wide Lock and security experience and our low priced 24 Hour mobile Locksmith service.

After Securing thousands of homes and businesses throughout Denver's Metro, we are proud to offer our quick local Locksmith services and provide you with full Locksmith solutions right at your doorstep! Weather you need your locks changed, door opened, keys made, or a complicated installation - we are the right place to call. Our professional Locksmiths stand by 24 Hours a day to assist you.


The Locksmith was Super Quick, professional and very nice too. The Locks he installed will probably work for another 20 years.
Barbara J. Pennebaker
After calling 4 different Locksmiths at 4 AM I Called Denver Locksmiths. After 20 minutes O went back to bed forgetting this ever happened.
Barbara J. Pennebaker

What We Do

Denver Locksmiths

  • 24/7 Quick mobile Locksmiths

    We are your neighborhood Locksmith. Our usual response time is 20 minutes on average and we are ALWAYS Available.

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Denver Locksmith Services

24 Hour Availability: 100%


Customer Satisfaction: 100%


Geographic Coverage: 98%


On Site Services: 90%


About Us

We are a Denver, Colorado leading Locks & Locksmith service company. Our superb customer service is second to none; We strive for perfection in everything we do.

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